Photo Booth

Looking to capture and share memorable moments from all of your guests?

Our sleek, open-air photo booth allows you to do that, giving you access to custom backdrops, fun props, and unique technology such as photos/GIFS/boomerangs/green screen and prints. 

With face centering technology we always capture a perfectly framed shot that you’re able to send to your email and/or cell phone, upload to social media, and print on predesigned graphic prints in a variety of sizes. Customization is our primary focus, matching each photo booth to your theme, personality and crowd.

First 2 hours $699 (2 hour minimum)
$149 per additional

Photo Booth includes choice of stock backdrops, box of props, a staff member to facilitate photo booth use, graphic photo prints, unlimited uploads to email/cell phone with a dedicated WIFI hotspot onsite, and a custom link to photos for all guests to access post event.

Inquire about fees for custom backdrops, custom prop boxes, and additional onsite print options.

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