Industry Education: Creating Interesting Content


[Insert interesting content here.] Immediately followed by 587 new likes. I wish it were that easy! Sometimes creative content just flows, like a hose on a blooming garden. And other times? Well, you’re just staring at a computer screen watching the cursor blink. Blink…blink…blink…

What’s really standing between you and intersting content? Most of the time it’s nonexposure, or what I like to call “creative hermit syndrome”. Oh love, you’ve got to get out there! It’s like the dating scene, but with significantly less let down. To start, check out blogs, magazines, and social media to see what people are talking about. Is it interesting? It is gaining followers or likes? Are you knowledable of the topic(s)? Then start a brainstorm. You don’t want to repeat the exact same content, but by goly there sure is a reason people are talking about certain topics. Let’s try a sample brainstorm together:

I put my little black reading dress on and found the following hot topic. Dessert tables vs Wedding Cakes: Are Wedding Cakes a thing of the Past?

Consideration. I like dessert. I like cake. I plan weddings, and I’ve seen a variety of dessert options. Therefore, I can weigh in. But how…?


  1. A Cookies and Milkshake Station, the 90’s Kid Take on Dessert Tables (Take it one step further, and theme it. I loved Nickolodeon cartoons and it would be make the “Millenial Top 10 Tributes” to see a Nickolodeon themed cookies and milkshake dessert bar.)
  2. Making the Wedding Cake Sexy Again, a Modern Approach to Cake Flavor (I once had a crème brulee that was early grey tea and lavendar and I’ve always wanted to make this into a cake.)
  3. Breakfast for Dinner (Waffles, Pancakes and Icecream scream the best way to end a night of open bar and celebration.)

Picking the Topic. Once the brainstorm is complete, select a topic that you can write about with enough detail to catch the eye of a reader, and spark inspiration. Consider your promotion of the blog before writing! Are there any popular hashtags or marketing campaigns you can tag the blog with? How about clever images or graphics you can include with your writing? And don’t forget a title that will capture reader’s attention within the first couple words. Keep your message long enough to hold attention, and short enough to keep them wanting more.  

While content creation can seem like a monster lurking under the bed, it’s approachable and fun. It’s a reflection of you and your brand, and no one knows both of those better than you. Get writing!

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