Floral: Lush Blooms to Add to Your Floral Order Now

Flowers quickly became one of my absolute favorite joys on earth when I was a little girl. I’m constantly leaving the grocery store with flowers and wine vs eggs and milk. If you’re a botanical lover like me, you’ll find yourself swooning over these 4 must-have blooms. 

Toffee Roses

Toffee roses have soft tan and brown petals, adding the perfect touch of earthy tones to a natural design. Pair them with black, dusty rose and cream for a moody, romantic effect. Available year-round.

Light Blue Dried Eulalia Grass

What’s not to love about dried blooms? They are elegant. They have texture. They last longer than fresh blooms. Oh, and did we mention this light blue color is the perfect touch for anything bohemian, spring, beachy, icey and more? Available year-round.

Smoke Bush Greens

There’s nothing like smoldering, dramatic greenery to add dimension to design. Smoke bush features both green and dark tones, giving a sophisticated and sultry tone to any design. Available June through October.

Pearl Anthurium

The tropics have it going on, and they are pulling out all of the elegant stops with this pearl bloom. Its simple lines combine the elegance of a leaf and a tulip shape to create a stunning addition to your design. Available year-round. 


This budvase is a current favorite, showcasing a sea-inspired design. The perfect addition for an Outer Banks Wedding. (Budvase courtesy of Accent Décor.)

A touch southern, a bit salty, all coastal

Oak & Brine