How To: Navigating Style Guides to Determine What You Want

Please raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Regina George Pinterest when you open the app in bed at night and suddenly it’s 2:30am. I’m talking about the infamous blackhole of pinning where you begin the board with a dusty rose color palette, and you end the board with a 1920’s chic Gatsby save the date. Somewhere near a picture of a fabulous bohemian lounge you took a sharp right turn to pin color blocking florals, then made a u-turn at tropical boutonnieres, finding yourself stalled out somewhere near custom tequila cocktails and 500 DIY cork projects. You’re thinking “WTF kind of circus am I buying?” and you close the app feeling more confused than when you started. Fear not, you’ve simply been abducted by the creative siren that is “I’m an achievable style”, whether it is your style or not. Instead of finding yourself in the rabbit hole of design, take these steps to help identify your style and guide yourself through the sparkled distractions.

Create a “Drift” board. Simply put, this is your starting board to help you meander aimlessly through Pinterest for a week or two, saving all the things “fabulous” that you like, love, and can’t live without. Pin it all, baby! I mean it.

Evaluate the Drift board for common pins. After two weeks of pinning, take a few days to evaluate your board. Is there an apparent color or style screaming your name? Check for these (5) things:

Create Your Own Style Guide with your common pins. After you determined your common pins, create your “Starter Style Guide”. Take your common items and pin them in your new board. Once common pins are transferred, you’ll have your first style guide that showcases your style based on the items you pinned the most. You can now begin to build off this guide determining exactly what you and your significant other want.

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