Slow Down, Chew Your Food!

Here we are, winding down another beautiful wedding season!

Somewhere between the DJ dropping the bass and the bouquet flying into a crowd this past weekend, I found myself inhaling a small plate of food (what a thought – the wedding planner actually eats?!). It reminded me of an important detail of wedding planning – scheduling private time for the newlyweds to breathe and grab a bite to eat before the night’s celebration ensues.

Why is it so important? Most newlyweds sit down at a beautiful table, with a large plate of food they’ve paid a pretty penny to dine upon. Why not eat then, my nuptial newbies? In more weddings than I can count, when the food hits the table the couples’ forks rarely leave the place setting. Among many family members and friends in the crowd, the happy couples usually find themselves smothered in the congratulatory embrace of wedding guests, or lip-locking amid the ring of china glasses. Fast forward to the end of the night, post delicious cocktails and not-so-secret dance moves, to what will usually end in a couple’s famished frenzy to find the closest snack. Not only is it important for the couple to celebrate their happiness for a few private moments (this day is about them you know!); rather, it gives them a moment to decompress from being the center of attention to ensure they can nibble on the necessary fuel to get the party started. EDC suggests taking 15 minutes after the wedding party reception grand entrance to step away, while the rest of the crowd enjoys their first cocktail. It will still allow the couple to be seated for dinner with a beautiful plate of food (which they may or may not munch upon), while assuming the “wedding duties” of the special day. Catering teams are always happy to oblige this important planning detail!

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