Become a Wedding Expo Pro

You’ve just returned to home after a weekend of wedding expo fun (perhaps your first expo, or perhaps your 7th this year). Did you throw your bag full of goodies and business cards in the corner of your room? Is the bag secretly taunting you, whispering the beckoning calls of booth conversations and promises? Fear not! We have a couple suggestions that will help you navigate the expo empire:

PRE-EXPO – If you’re planning on heading to an expo, give yourself time to create a plan of action.

  • Map your day. Print an expo map from the event website, then place stickers or mark the vendor booths you want to visit with a pen. Think there may to be too many to visit? Color code them by importance.
  • Make contact labels. Cut down a lengthy exchange of information at the booths by printing envelope labels that contain the following: (Your name, email/phone, wedding date, and the city/state you reside).
  • Prepare a notebook or binder. Dedicate a notebook or binder to your expo escapades. You can create a list of the vendors you plan to visit and keep space for the fun surprises you see along the way for note taking.

DURING-EXPO – With a plan of action in place, you will conquer any expo with a smile.

  • Bring a refreshment. Expos are loaded with tasty treats, but often lack beverages. Treat yourself with a refreshing fruit infused water, or chilled green tea in a bottle (palate cleansers and hydrators), to balance your activity and tasting.
  • Follow your plan. Use your map to visit the necessary vendors first. Once the “work” is done, take in all the beautiful displays, samples, and meet new faces.
  • Take notes immediately. Use your notebook to take notes during the action. Don’t wait until you get home – a beautiful idea may just slip your mind. (Tech friendly? Take a quick video of each booth and relay your idea on camera to watch later.)

POST-EXPO – Take a break! In a couple of days, revisit your notes and goodie bags with a fresh mind.

  • Put your notebook away. Take a couple days to decompress from the excitement. Go exercise, catch up on work, or have a fun date night – with a fresh mind, break out your notes and create a list of “next steps”. (If you have an immediate need to contact a vendor, don’t miss that opportunity! Use your best judgement.)
  • Update your notebook/binder. Sift through your business cards and information sheets, and place them inside your notebook, or sheet protectors in a divided binder. You’ll be able to keep them safe and accessible throughout planning in one place.

Planning a wedding can seem like a second full time job. Remember, this “second job” should be an enjoyable and creative experience. Stay organized, have fun, and live in the moment!

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