Managing Your Own Blooms

Florals can seem like an overwhelming task (and often times, they are!). If you’re considering creating your own beautiful blooms for your wedding, heed a few tips to make the process financially beneficial and smooth:

Know the blooms for your wedding season. Pinterest and Instagram are wonderful inspirations for you wedding day florals; however, they can be a little misleading in terms of cost and availability during the season in which you hold your wedding. Research flowers in bloom during the season of your wedding before going “Pinterest-Crazy” to avoid getting your hopes up on a particular bloom and/or style. After narrowing down options available during your wedding season, look into the availability of blooms via a local florist and/or wholesale florist available to the public. Keep in mind that not all blooms in season are available via all florists, and not all wholesale florists are available to the public. Wholesale florists can provide great insight into affordable and available options in your area.

Check out a local (publicly available) wholesale florist. We love and fully appreciate the skill set and creativity of florists! On the other hand, we understand that a florist may not fit into every bride/groom’s budget. If you’re looking to save money on florals for you wedding, consider shopping at a “Wholesale Florist”. Wholesale florists offer blooms and plants at affordable prices, typically offering both pick-up and delivery options. As we mentioned before, not all wholesale florists are open to the public. Call ahead before visiting your local wholesale warehouse to ask: (1) Are you open to the public?, (2) How many blooms do you have onsite?, and (3) Is there a sales representative who could help guide me through types/availability/pricing of blooms? If you live near a wholesale florist that is not open to the public, check with your wedding planner to see if they can help you gain access!

Understand the durability of the florals you select and the tools needed for your desired arrangements. Purchasing the flowers is usually the easiest part. Understanding the logistics of putting the arrangements together to match your insta-inspirations can be a bit more difficult, especially if you don’t come from a background in floral design. Before you begin putting arrangements together, understand the durability of your florals. Some flower species are more fragile than others, meaning that transport and handling can cause them to wilt or petals may drop. You will want to select flower species that exhibit the durability you may need in terms of the types of arrangements you make, the time frame in which you order/pick up your blooms and create the arrangements for wedding day, and the storage options you have before hand. Know the types of vases and/or vessels (lanterns, wine crates, etc.) you plan to use for your florals and how elements like water, humidity, dryness, weight, and wind could effect your arrangement in transport and during the wedding. Research other tools you may need to hold your arrangements together and/or keep them hydrated during your wedding such as vase fillers, pins, floral tape, or floral foam. Don’t forget a key element in keeping florals fresh for longer – a refrigerator! If you don’t have access to refrigeration overnight, keep the blooms well hydrated and prepare yourself to make arrangements that are capable of survival without cooler humidity. Put together some test arrangements, and actually put them to the test! Expose them to things such as water, transportation, and heat/cold to make sure they can hold their shape and integrity. These test runs may help rule out any unforeseen issues during the wedding. Next, you will need to determine the time it will take you to make the arrangements: (1) Will you need to prep half the vase the night before?, (2) Do you have anyone helping you with multi-component arrangements?, and (3) Are the arrangements composed in less than 4 minutes per vase? Timing will help insure that your florals are ready for placement, without infringing on other important preparatory aspects of your wedding day.

Expect the unexpected. When it comes to creating your own blooms, prepared or not, you always need to expect the unexpected. What happens if a bloom you’ve ordered is suddenly out of stock the week of your wedding? What will you do if the blooms you’ve ordered arrive half-dead? Do you have a game plan if the weather takes a turn for the worst and your blooms cannot arrive and/or the arrangements are affected by the weather? Having a back-up plan, back-up blooms, and a few extra hands ready to help at a moment’s notice can help make the unexpected situation seem less stressful and more manageable.

Making your own florals should be an enjoyable part of your wedding. If the idea seems too overwhelming, or you have zero experience in creating floral arrangements, we suggest that you strongly consider working with a florist that can work with your budget.

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